Three Operational Considerations for Industrial Door Selection

If you are planning on replacing the doors in your industrial building, you should be diligent in evaluating and comparing the different products in the market. If you choose the wrong doors for your facility, you will experience a decrease in productivity due to operational inefficiencies. In simple terms, if the traffic in your space cannot flow smoothly, your business will not perform at optimal levels. On the other hand, the right doors will streamline movement in your commercial setup and ensure security, safety and general efficiency. If you are purchasing industrial doors for the first time, you should consider these critical operational factors for ideal selection.

Operational Practices

You should evaluate the operational habits in your industrial space in relation to doors. In general, it is important to ensure that your new entries can handle the practices and patterns of the workers as well as the demands of the setup. For instance, if your doors experience impact from external forces such as carts and equipment, you should look for impact-resistant industrial doors. Under ideal circumstances, you should encourage the workers to treat the doors better. However, some practices are hard to change within a short time. Therefore, you should ensure that the new doors can handle the stress. Alternatively, you can install automated doors.

Safety Factors

You should think about safety with regard to the operation of your new doors. This issue is of particular importance if you are planning on installing automated doors. Often, workers let down their guard because of the convenience of automation. Therefore, you must ensure that there are safety features incorporated to prevent accidents. Ideally, your industrial doors should have a time-delay closing feature. This element will delay the period taken for the door to return to the closed position. It should also have internal access controls to prevent indiscriminate movement. For example, if a door is intended for heavy equipment, it should prohibit foot traffic.

Activation Method

Finally, you should decide on the method of operation or activation before purchasing an industrial door. The process of opening and closing the door will determine the productivity of your operation as well as the security and safety. If the operation of the door will rely only on sensors, the movement through the door will be fast and efficient. However, you should consider including other activation measures such as pull-cord or button activation. The increased restriction will ensure safety and might improve operational habits.