3 Considerations for Buying Professional Catering Equipment

It does not matter if you are launching your first pop-up restaurant or if you are a seasoned professional in the catering industry; any venture is exciting. However, in all the rush and excitement of branding and launching, sometimes you can forget about the basics of getting a catering operation up and running—things like sourcing a reliable ingredients supplier, investing in a good website or even more commonly, getting the right catering equipment in place for your staff. [Read More]

How to Maximise the Parking Capacity of Your Development

In almost every city in the world, lack of space is a growing problem, and making the most effective use of the available area is a challenge facing every new development. Including an adequate number of parking spaces is often a necessity, but fitting them into your development isn't easy. If you are looking for a way to incorporate sufficient parking capacity in a development where space is limited, then a car lift will let you include as much parking as you need without being concerned about how much space the access ramps for each level of the car park will consume. [Read More]

Tips for Improving Performance of your Steel Business

If you run a steel supply store but business has not been doing well, then the thought of closing shop might have crossed your mind. The situation is made even more dire by statistics, which project that iron ore production in Australia will fall by about 20% in 2018. Therefore, the question that begs for an answer is what steel supply businesses facing hard economic times should do to turn around performance. [Read More]

Two Tips for Safe Use of a Boom Lift in an Industrial Facility

Booms lifts can be found in many industrial facilities; this equipment enables employees to carry out work at a height and to gain access to materials that are positioned on tall shelves. Here are two tips for safe use of a boom lift in this type of work environment. Never overload the platform of the boom It is important for employees who need to stand inside the boom lift's elevated platform to ensure that the total weight of the load that they place on this part of the equipment (including their own bodyweight) does not exceed the maximum load limits specified by the equipment's manufacturer. [Read More]