Are you planning to rent a wet tile saw? Here are some maintenance tips you will find useful

If you have a home or commercial improvement project, getting the right industrial equipment can be a challenge. The magnitude and duration of the project determine whether you should buy the equipment or rent it. Large-scale industrial tools such as wet tile cutters are quite expensive to buy. The decision to rent on the other hand comes with the added responsibility of proper maintenance to ensure that it gets back to the owner in the same condition that you hired it in. The following maintenance tips should help you get the best service from a rented tile saw.

Regular cleaning of the blades

Wet tile saws usually have a carbide blade with a diamond edge. With time, debris will accumulate on the edge of the saw, and this will smooth out the surface which does the grinding. A smooth grinding surface means reduced effectiveness in cutting efficiency. After using the saw, you should use a sponge to wipe off any sediment and if some does not come off, use a plastic scraper to wipe it off. Other tools that can be used for cleaning include dish detergent and rubbing alcohol. Always disconnect the power cord before cleaning.

Sharpening the blades

Wet tile saws do not cut in the way that other saws do. Their sharpening techniques are therefore very different from regular blades. You can use a rough material such as the dressing blocks that are made for sharpening or cinder blocks. Cutting through the coarse material helps resurface the edge of the saw's blade, keeping it sharp.

Preventing rusting

A wet tile saw comes in contact with water during its operation. This water can lead to rust if you store the saw improperly. You can opt to buy a dehumidifier to serve you during the duration of your construction, and prevent rusting. Silica gel is another drying agent that can keep the wetness of your blades. In case the blades already have some rust, you can remove it by soaking the saw in mild acid such as vinegar.

When you correctly maintain the wet tile saw that you have rented, you save money, and get an easy time working with it. Proper maintenance also prevents problems such as getting fined by the company that leased the industrial tool to you because of poor maintenance. Experts also recommend that you hire your industrial machines from professionals as it assures you of minimum stress during operations.