Two Tips for Safe Use of a Boom Lift in an Industrial Facility

Booms lifts can be found in many industrial facilities; this equipment enables employees to carry out work at a height and to gain access to materials that are positioned on tall shelves. Here are two tips for safe use of a boom lift in this type of work environment.

Never overload the platform of the boom

It is important for employees who need to stand inside the boom lift's elevated platform to ensure that the total weight of the load that they place on this part of the equipment (including their own bodyweight) does not exceed the maximum load limits specified by the equipment's manufacturer.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if the platform is overloaded to the point where its weight is greater than the weight of the base of the boom lift, it could affect the equipment's balance and cause it to fall forwards. This could result in the person standing inside the platform being thrown out onto the ground. It could also lead to nearby employees being struck or crushed by the falling equipment.

Secondly, an overloaded platform could potentially collapse. Again, this could lead to the individual who is in the platform falling to the ground and sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Each make and model of boom lift has its own unique load limits. As such, it is crucial for those tasked with using this equipment to ensure that they check the load limits in the manual of the brand of boom lift that they intend to use.

Wear safety gear

Anyone who needs to stand on the boom lift's elevated platform to perform a task should make sure that they put on the appropriate safety gear before they begin their work, as this can prevent people from getting hurt when the equipment is in use.

For example, if the individual inside the platform puts on a pair of high-grip gloves before they ascend, this will reduce the chances of any heavy or hazardous materials they handle slipping out of their hands and striking other employees standing on the ground underneath the platform.

Similarly, if they put on a hard hat prior to getting onto the platform, they will be far less likely to sustain a serious head injury if they bump into an overhead structure, such as a ceiling beam, whilst performing their work, as the hard hat will absorb the impact before it inflicts damage on their skull.