How to Maximise the Parking Capacity of Your Development

In almost every city in the world, lack of space is a growing problem, and making the most effective use of the available area is a challenge facing every new development. Including an adequate number of parking spaces is often a necessity, but fitting them into your development isn't easy. If you are looking for a way to incorporate sufficient parking capacity in a development where space is limited, then a car lift will let you include as much parking as you need without being concerned about how much space the access ramps for each level of the car park will consume. Without the need to include access ramps, you will be able to fit many more parking spaces on each level and either reduce the overall height of your building or have more commercial space available for other uses, leaving you with a more valuable building.

How can a car lift help?

A car lift is really just a larger version of a passenger lift. The vehicle simply drives into the lift and is transported to the required level of the car park. Car lifts are normally operated by either call button technology or via a call station system. In many cases it is most efficient to install two car lifts for each car park. One car lift can be used to permit entry to the car park, and the other lift will allow vehicles to exit the car park at the end of the their stay.

Which car lift system is best for your development?

The car lift system you decide to install will depend on several factors. You must consider the amount of space you have available for the lift, and you will also want to to bear in mind the number of vehicles needing to enter or leave the car park at one time. If you are installing a lift for a large building where all of the workers are likely to start and finish work at the same time, then you will need a lift system that can cope with a lot of traffic in a short space of time.

If space is a more pressing concern than speed, you will probably want to choose a hydraulic lift. These car lifts need the smallest shaft of any lift, but they generally move slowly, so they are not ideal for a large volume of traffic or lifts serving a lot of floors.

A gearless traction car lift depends upon a traction machine that is fitted within the lift shaft. This type of operation needs a larger lift shaft but does not require a separate machine room, and permits faster lift travel.

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