5 Tips to Prepare for Hiring a Boom Lift

If you need to complete a job at height, you need boom lift hire services. But to ensure the process is as safe as possible, you need to do a bit of preparation work. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Make Sure You Choose the Right Lift

There are a range of different lifts, and the lift you need depends on the work you're doing and any obstacles in the area. If you want multiple people to work at height, you may want to opt for a scissor lift. If you need to manoeuvre around obstacles, you may want an articulated boom lift. That type has an arm that can bend but only includes a small platform or bucket.

2. Take Note of Overhead Dangers

Look for overhead obstacles such as tree branches or power lines and make sure that you can avoid those issues. If the trees are hanging in your work space, you may want to hire someone to trim them before you get started. With power lines, you will need to adjust your project so you can avoid them.

3. See How Level the Ground Is

In addition to thinking about obstacles at height, you also need to think about the ground the lift is going to drive across and sit on. If the ground is bumpy, you need a lift that can handle rugged terrain. Generally, you should opt for a lift that has tracks rather than wheels.

Additionally, if you don't have a level space for the lift to sit, you may want to opt for a lift that has outriggers. This can come on boom lifts, cherry pickers and a variety of big machinery. Basically, the outriggers are adjustable legs that keep the machinery level even if the ground is not.

4. Decide on Transportation Methods

At some point, you need to determine how you are going to get the lift to your work site. If you have a trailer or a vehicle capable of towing, you may be able to move the lift yourself. Otherwise, you can ask the hire company if they are willing and/or able to move the lift for you. This may cost extra.

5. Invest in Safety Equipment

Finally, before you hire your boom lift or any other style of lift, consider investing in some safety equipment. In particular, you should get a harness that you can attach to the lift to minimise the risks of falls.