What to Consider When Buying Used Mobile Cranes

When you first started your construction business, you may have used the option to hire equipment. As time went on, you likely realised that you needed to purchase several pieces of equipment in order to take on larger jobs. One of those pieces of equipment may be a mobile crane. Before you move forward in purchasing a used mobile crane, you need to consider a few key points.

History of the Crane

The first thing to consider is the history of the mobile cranes you are considering. You can generally get a report on the history of the mobile crane. If you are not able to get this report, move on to one that you can. You are looking for several key points including the recent repairs, replacements and retrofits the crane may have experienced. This can give you insight into issues that may have occurred with the crane and may happen in the near future. This can also help you determine if the cost of the possible expenses are worth it or if another mobile crane would be best.

Work Hours

Try to consider the full amount of work hours that have been used on the crane. This can be vital for cranes that are mobile. Keep in mind mobile cranes also have telescoping parts. The higher the work hours the more damage the telescoping gears may have endured. This means you may be facing severe replacements of different smaller working parts sooner rather than later. The point to remember with this is at an older model of mobile crane may be more suitable for your needs than a younger model with more work hours.

Welding Marks

Make sure to do a full inspection of the crane, with the telescoping crane extended. You need to look for any odd welding marks and their placement. These welding marks may be covered by layers of paint or may be smoothed down, but if they are there this could be a red flag to you. These welding marks show where damage may have happened and that it was handled on the site. This may not be noted in the equipment history and could mean there are further issues with the mobile crane.

By keeping these key points in mind, you will be able to choose the mobile crane option that is ideal for your needs. If you have specific questions, needs, or pricing limitations contact your local mobile cranes dealer. They can help you choose the right options for you.